The Artist Date

Your artist needs to be taken out, pampered, and listened to.  -Julia Cameron on the Artist Date

Another practice that I absolutely need to get back to is my weekly artist’s dates. In 2012, I referred to this habit as Tuesday Wanderings because that happened to be the day of the week that worked best for me. I did great for about half of the year and don’t even remember when I lost focus. I have a hunch that 2013 won’t be quite as tidy (as to assign a specific day of the week), and I will need to fit them in wherever possible. The artist date has specific guidelines. For example, you must go out on it alone and it should last a minimum of an hour. One hour, once a week is the bare minimum attention that your inner artist needs to collect inspiration and feel nurtured.

In 2013, my goal is to plan and execute the weekly date. I also plan on blogging about it to:

  • To discuss it with you all. Yes, I love the interaction.
  • Provide accountability because I am putting in writing my plans
  • Provide support for not only me, but also YOU if this is a practice that you find valuable and want to commit to carrying out.
  • Increase in creativity. For example, output of writing, art, etc. will flow with ease.Buffalo Exchange

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