Connecting With My Muse

Week 19-Messages from the Muse with Shiloh Sophia McCloud 

This week’s art journaling class fell like a gift from heaven. I have been playing with the idea of getting to know my muse better and Shiloh’s instruction presented as beautifully as her final product. She is an artist that I will continue to follow.

First, she set the stage to coax her muse into a visit. She set a place for tea, brought a rose, and offered chocolate. She then guided the student through a short visual imagination exercise in order to help them connect with and see their muse. In the end, the journal spread was magical and spiritual and a technique that I will use again.


Taking Care of Me

Week 1: Morning Pages

Although I am only five days into my Morning Pages, I have noticed a gradual shift occur.

On day one, I was crabby and just plain inpatient all day long. Feelings of resentment started to bubble over. I couldn’t believe how these pages had thrown my entire day off! I woke up early just to write and meditate and dog-gone-it, they had some how sucked every free moment from my allotted time. Somehow pressure from all angles seemed to be closing in. I felt almost stollen from. Doubts were creeping in. ‘How could I be so silly to think that I could keep up with all this?‘

The next morning I continued with my pages as I had committed to do for the year still with doubts that I could keep up with everything that I had added to my already overflowing plate. I complained just as I always do when beginning. I also realized some by that second day that I had the same things on my mind that hadn’t been resolved for three months. For my meditation, I chose a guided meditation called Positive Under Pressure by Alkimea . This meditation helped me to put my stress in perspective and showed me how my own thoughts were adding to the pressure that I was feeling (and of course the meditation also helped me to take on fresh energy).

By the end of the week I began reflecting on the shifts that I had noticed. I got ready earlier each morning and felt prepared for my days. The biggest change that I noticed was how focused I had been on self-care. Like many creatives, when I am in “the zone,” just about nothing else besides my creativity seems to matter (not even my hair!). I felt pretty this week because I was dressed to my shoes before logging on to my page each morning. It felt good!