Meet Michelle

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The Creative Behind Mused

Art came natural to me from an early age. I danced, sang, acted, played flute, sketched, colored, and longed to paint. By high school, the world convinced me that there are no places in the professional world for artists, and that those who are successful are few and far between; hence, the starving artist. I believe this experience led me to 20 plus years of trying to “find myself.”  Truly I was lost. I explored every career possibility and spent countless hours in advising trying to figure out my “path.” While in my upper division English class, I found the most wonderful book that brought me back to my authentic self. That book was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I have never been lost again. I know who I am—a true creative. At this time in my life it doesn’t so much matter what art that I am practicing, but matters that I am practicing art. While, CREATING, that is when I am fulfilled and happy.

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