Love Letter Manifesto

My Artistic & Personal Promise

I promise that I will always be truthful with kindness. Believe it or not, I can sense when people truthfully want to know what I think, and at that moment I will share my thoughts and feelings (as long as I am not bound to confidentiality). Otherwise, words are waisted on those without sincere intentions anyways, so I don’t see the point.

I promise that no matter how much I am pushed to do what others expect from me, that I will always follow my true north. I’m not asking for a challenge, but no matter how angry, pushy, or bossy people may become with me (though I may be so sad inside), I will follow my gut to do what I believe is right. Though I may be afraid and dislike negativity, please do not imagine me a coward. I almost always fiercely protect the underdog. If you perceive that I am not protecting you, you most likely are much more powerful than you are taking credit for and in that case, are able to take care of yourself (however, please never believe that I don’t love you).

I promise to love humanity no matter how I am treated. I will always do my best to believe in the best of others and I hope that goodwill will be returned to me as well. I know that we are all doing the best with what we have. All of us are striving to get our needs met one way or another.

I promise to spend my life exposing evil and darkness by drawing myself and others to the light. I will also do my best to be a beacon of light in all that I do. I will strive toward love even in all my brokenness and in all of my wholeness.

I hope that my art, my writing and my life reflect this endeavor.


Seek… Explore… Uncover

Imagination…. The first word I remember making an impact on my soul. I was in first grade when Mrs. Joslin discussed its meaning. I knew at that moment that concept was magical, but soon found out that having an imagination may also be fleeting.

Imagination and originality are tied together. You hear brilliant scientists discuss the need for creativity. This may seem like a paradox because one seems to be rooted in reality while the other in fantasy, but to be creative, one must be open to new possibilities–uncharted waters. As I’ve studied fictional literature, I’ve learned that many stories are based off of actual experiences, dreams, and twists of the strange happenings in an author’s life. Characters based off of actual people with exaggerated qualities. The author makes a statement by focusing on aspects chosen to tell the story.

A couple years ago I took an oil painting class with a very talented painter who had concise precision executing minute details taking a photograph and painting that image onto a large canvas beautifully. She discouraged the abstract, stating that abstract art is much more difficult. I pondered that concept. Why would it be? My conclusion is because it was a skill that  many are not taught. We hear about using imagination, but how do we do that when we are many times trapped in a hard reality?

I’ve found that an excellent way of exercising visual imagination is through meditation as well as using your mind’s eye on a regular basis. We all have that visual projector within our mind, but many of us ignore it and dissociate. This leads to cutting a part of ourselves off that is vital to interesting art and interesting experiences in life. Using our visualization skills helps put our creative voice into our work.





Seek. Explore. Uncover.