Creative Detox: Days 3-10

DAY Three: Being Mindful of You- Your Personal Creativity.

Wear something orange today. Practice Self-Care for your inner artist & creative life force. Take your artist on a special outing. Pamper your artist. What have you been depriving your creative child of? Does your child need a trip to a museum, to the art store, to a concert, to the music store? Do you need to pamper yourself? How does a massage sound? Have you tried a Reiki energy session? How about a pedicure?  These are great for both men and woman. There is something very refreshing and revitalizing about having your feet cleansed and cared for. Remember this date is solo. No tag alongs allowed. Keep drinking plenty of fresh water and eating as healthful as you are able.

DAY Four: Being Mindful of You in Your Environment- 

Wear something yellow today.  Organize, simplify. Practice de-cluttering your space & clarity in your body language. Clear out your creative or daily living space. Try a yoga routine (youtube is a great resource for just about anything).  Stretch your muscles. Stand up tall. Uncross your arms and legs. Raise your arms above your head and breath deeply. Become aware of the space and energy around your body. Own your space. Make sure that you have an area set aside for your creative endeavors. This may be a spare room or your dining room table. Own it and make it specially your creative space. Continue with drinking water and eating healthy. Smile. Bring the sunshine indoors with your energy.

DAY Five: Being Mindful of Your Deepest Beliefs and Desires-

Wear something green today. Practice suspending judgment of what you should be and practice being open to what you truly believe. Practice being free. Self-Love and Compassion. Write a love letter to yourself. Tell you how much you’re appreciated. Do not allow any negative self-talk. Be grateful for what you have learned about your environment and your body so far. If you hear a lot of negative messages coming from your mind, turn each self criticism into a past challenge/lesson learned and consider possible positive future behavior and outcomes in regard to those challenges. Pay attention to hearts all day. Look for them around you in shapes and situations. Collect a symbol that reminds you to be gentle with you. Even better if is small enough to carry it in your pocket. Spend time in your creative space. Continue drinking lots of water, healthful foods, and moving your body in gentle exercise. Be open to receiving the love around you.

DAY Six: Being Mindful of Your Feelings & Intentions Toward Others-

Wear something pink today. Practicing Compassion & Love for Others. Send forgiveness out to anyone who you need to for. Write letters of love and forgiveness to their wise selves. Find a wooden box to place them in. Let go of all anger and blame. Spend the day allowing people to have a fresh start with you. Let go of past judgement and attempt to feel what they are saying with their heart. Do their words match their body language? Practice being Free. Say a prayer or send positive feelings out to the world. Ask for peace in peoples’ hearts. Do a secret random act of kindness. Take special care of your needs today while caring for others. Make sure that you eat well, drink your water and move your body. A good thing to remember is that the source of love is all around you. When you send it out, there is no way for you to become depleted. It is a from an abundant never ending source.

DAY Seven: Being Mindful of Your Thoughts & Behaviors –

Wear something light blue. Practice speaking your truth and being authentically you. Do you have a favorite song? Turn it up and sing along. Is there a message that you feel passionate about? Imagine that you were a life mentor for a youth you knew would some day be an important leader. You have the chance to impart 3 important points of wisdom with that youth in a letter. What would those points be? Remember the lessons you learned in day six and seven. Do this with love, forgiveness and good will for you and others. Journal today. Consider sharing your writing with someone you can trust for support and discussion. As with the other days, take especially good care of your body.

DAY Eight: Being Mindful of Connection- Meditation, Visualization & Madalla

Wear something deep blue. Practice connecting with your mind’s eye. Clear the chatter of your mind so that you can see what your imagination is trying to tell you. Meditate for 20 minutes today. Find a quite place away from interruptions and distractions.Sit back in a comfortable chair, take ten deep breaths. Breath deeply into your lower stomach, hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly. As you exhale let go of your thoughts and tension. Soften your muscles. Soften your body. Soften your mind. See a bright light coming into your softened forehead. Let that light be your focal point as you maintain your softened state. There is nothing for you to do. Just be in a state of receiving. After your allotted time has elapsed in this position, gently come back to awareness of your body. How do you feel?

Create a mandalla with color pens or pencils that describing your experience. Refrain from using words.

DAY Nine: Being Mindful of Your Knowing-

Wear something violet today. Practice listening to your inner “knowing.” Some people call this your higher self. Some people call this your conscience or sprit self. Write down a piece of wisdom that your this self is telling you. Record this in your journal or on a special piece of stationary. Mail it to yourself. Keep this in a special place next to where you sleep. Thank this part of yourself for being there and patient with you. Follow this piece of wisdom all day long.

Day Ten-Being Mindful of Your Connection with the Heavens – 

Wear something gold today. While staying grounded in activities you practiced in days 1-9, now draw your attention to your connection with the divine. Many people call this connection, their connection to God, angels, the heavens, the universe, and the cosmos. This connection is sometimes felt through warm golden light descending down through your body. Today, instead of trying to define or understand this with words or thoughts, let your body feel the connection through sense and warm feelings of that golden light.

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