Well Spent Time

Week 2: The Artist’s Date

My artist date started out a little chaotic. Just like everyone else, I feel fitting in these extra tools can be a challenge. Honestly, I feel a lack of creative energy or inspiration half of the days. In the back of my mind, I have this idea of what the Artist’s Date should look like. I think that I should be dreaming up amazing places to visit, amazing awakenings, and amazing stories to tell. However, I am realizing that this is my critic’s little nasty voice, not necessarily my artist’s inner desire.

To get on with it, I thought that I was going to have to forfeit my date because of a commitment until I got the call that those plans were canceled. Literally, I had just enough time to get off on the next exit and turn around in order to head back into town. I thought that I would start my time at the craft store looking for the materials that I needed for my next project. I then went to the natural food store for a salad (one needs fuel). Just getting started, I googles scrapbooking stores and couldn’t believe that the only search in my whole city was at an address that didn’t sound familiar. I could see that it was on the river and thought why not drive down to see what I could find. My GPS took me down the old Evergreen Highway and into a upscale neighborhood (not the place for commerce). The houses were a mix of old and new, but all pretty beautiful. In the back of my mind I had thought that I was bored with my area and couldn’t possibly find anything new and/or interesting. The house with rock walls surrounding the edges of the property beaconed to stop and photograph, but it was the type of neighborhood with gates–maybe next time. I wondered what the people did that lived in these houses. Then I remembered that I was looking for the “scrapbooking store.” When the map took me to a house on the corner of the street I realized that many people are now running their businesses right out of their own homes and apparently some are doing really well.

My artist eyes had gotten their fill and I was ready to end my time with a trip to target for fresh kitchen towels and washcloths. My kitchen always seems prettier with a pretty, unstained towels. As I drove into target I noticed that one of the stores that I like for work clothes had signs all over the window that their merchandise was 70-90% off. How lucky could I get? My inner artist had just been telling me that my wardrobe was looking a little shabby (and not in the chic way).

So, did I feel magic happen on during this time?  Absolutely! My time that could have ended with the first hour went on for two more hours and I ended up feeling special and listened to. This week’s date was about the time spent… Time unquestionably needed.


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