Taking Care of Me

Week 1: Morning Pages

Although I am only five days into my Morning Pages, I have noticed a gradual shift occur.

On day one, I was crabby and just plain inpatient all day long. Feelings of resentment started to bubble over. I couldn’t believe how these pages had thrown my entire day off! I woke up early just to write and meditate and dog-gone-it, they had some how sucked every free moment from my allotted time. Somehow pressure from all angles seemed to be closing in. I felt almost stollen from. Doubts were creeping in. ‘How could I be so silly to think that I could keep up with all this?‘

The next morning I continued with my pages as I had committed to do for the year still with doubts that I could keep up with everything that I had added to my already overflowing plate. I complained just as I always do when beginning. I also realized some by that second day that I had the same things on my mind that hadn’t been resolved for three months. For my meditation, I chose a guided meditation called Positive Under Pressure by Alkimea   http://www.alkimea.co/1181-2/ . This meditation helped me to put my stress in perspective and showed me how my own thoughts were adding to the pressure that I was feeling (and of course the meditation also helped me to take on fresh energy).

By the end of the week I began reflecting on the shifts that I had noticed. I got ready earlier each morning and felt prepared for my days. The biggest change that I noticed was how focused I had been on self-care. Like many creatives, when I am in “the zone,” just about nothing else besides my creativity seems to matter (not even my hair!). I felt pretty this week because I was dressed to my shoes before logging on to my page each morning. It felt good!


2 responses to “Taking Care of Me

  1. Interesting. You have me thinking of my morning routine (or lack of it) and the mad dashes I make all over the place. Finding time to meditate is likely beyond me, but perhaps starting earlier, going to bed earlier and having the luxury of actually pacing myself, sounds good.

    I’m glad this is working for you and thanks for sharing the possibilities.

    Best wishes,

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