Over the last 19 days my creative community has been participating in a creativity challenge. This was actually the request of one of my favorite Mused “fans.” Though I really don’t think of her or many others as fans, but more truthfully as fellow creatives. She liked the idea of having a daily activity that we could all work on together. Throughout the event as people consistently participate, I am noticing individual themes emerge with their submissions. Today a new page was formed by one of the challenge participants. It is hard to explain how heart warming this is. While working on Mused, I have watched several pages get started. In fact, one page has more that 18,000 fans to date! I believe that most of us just need a little encouragement to be ourselves in order to share our creativity with the world. We are doing an important task by nurturing our inherent trait of making, doing, creating. Carry on! 

My Creative Community

Over the last few weeks while getting ready for October’s Creativity Challenge on Facebook, I had no idea the treat that I was in for. We are only in day two of the challenge where people are sharing with a photograph and description, their interpretation of an inspiration word. The first day alone there was almost 40 submissions. They are funny, insightful, moving, and even humbling. Mostly though, I am so grateful to be a part of such a warm and caring community that is not only supporting the event, but each other. People are going through the albums and liking and commenting on the posts with real interest. My heart is full.