Saturday Morning—We Are Not Alone

Have  you ever had the experience of taking a university course and having your view widened? How often do we put ourselves into these learning situations that encourage us to open our minds and learn from those just ready to pass on their skills and knowledge? The sixth day in the Practical Creativity series focuses primarily on the importance of mentorship, diversity and community.

On the sixth day God created animals of every kind. He then created man and when he saw that man was alone, he created a companion for him. From this story we learn that we are not meant to live out our lives in solitude. The plan always was for us to have a community to count on and grow with. We learn that there is no such thing as a self-made man/woman. At our very foundation, we are built with societies that rely on one another for food, goods, and services.

There is magic in putting your head together with other people who are skilled at creativity and flow. Stephen Covey called this phenomenon synergy. It is when new ideas are formed between two or more people that are better than what than anything that any of them would have come to separately. In this process we find circular education as the teacher and the student learn simultaneously. Image

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