Wednesday Morning—Nature in Motion

How often do we feel frustrated by our lack of abilities or feel stuck not able to create? At some point to we start to wonder whether we are creative at all? If we only knew how important creativity is all around us, we would accept this powerful part of ourselves without such doubt.

We have been discussing the Judeo-Christian creation story and learning how the concepts of each day teach us about creativity. Perhaps this would be an interesting study for other creation stories. If one comes to mind, please share it with me so we can ponder new ideas together. As this creation story goes, God separates the oceans from the dry land and vegetates the earth by planting seeds of all kinds revealing a living, breathing, life sustaining earth.

We only need to spend time in nature to notice this process of cyclic creation at work at all times. That tells us that it is a true principle that we too only need to learn how to tap into. We have done it many times probably without noticing. Perhaps living within so many walls separates us from our true nature. So when feeling a little stuck in the creative process going out for some time outdoors can be a powerful way to see the flow all around us. Children are good examples of people who have not yet put up blocks to this process. They fall into creation naturally and many times fully.

Maybe this is a good time to recap. Monday we learned to use our imagination along with our abilities to plan and execute our dreams and goals. Tuesday we found that we are interconnected with our divine source. Today we found that we have not been left without example, but have are in the middle of creativity in constant motion. This is easy to see in the soil, the water, the plants, and the trees. Maybe this is time for me to ask you a question. When you have noticed this in your life what feelings have come? I ask this because for me, the feelings have been a sense of wonder, of humility, and of invigoration. Pride, perfection, and stubbornness (creativity blockers) have fallen away.

So with this natural cycle of creation around us at work at all times is it not easy to see that we too are children of a planet, a system that creates? Even ourselves nature in motion?

2 responses to “Wednesday Morning—Nature in Motion

  1. The statement , “living within so many walls separates us from our true nature,” really grabbed me. We live in a world of boxes. Each box has its protocol, it’s rules of conduct, it’s framework for thought, prejudices, simple characterizations of reality. The first thing people want to do when they meet you is put you in a box so they know how to think about you. This may help us feel that we have a grasp of the world around us, but much of this is an illusion. Our boxes are mere simple minded constructs that are familiar to us, but box us in, and keep us from seeing the true nature of things. Reminds me of the song “Don’t Fence me In.” A free spirit, a creative, an original thinker, needs open spaces. Our boxes can provide a foundation, a framework, a gestalt, but to grow; to create, we need to get outside our boxes. To think outside the box, to create outside the box. I experience this when I am able to let my creative subconscious do its work; or let my imagination run wild; or that state when your object of creation tells you what to do next. We must open our minds to new things, we must open our eyes and begin to see more than the superficial.

    • It is very interesting all of the “artificial” constructs that we have in place around us. As I was writing the word artificial I found ART. Strange, huh? Many creative people have made so many procedures and places, but hopefully we won’t get too comfortable when situations lead to ease. I find that we need to concentrate and have even more purpose to use our own imaginations and creativity.

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