Tuesday Morning—Discovering Our Interconnection

How often do we forget that our very chemical make ups are part of this earth, part of the water, part of the atmosphere? When we forget, we go around feeling alone, disconnected and unsupported. Perhaps the burden to fill these human needs falls heavily on the other people in our lives who may also be struggling to belong. This interaction perpetuates the cycle of loneliness and we could end up trapped here reliving a painful experience over and over again throughout our lives. Yet, we do not need to live this way because support is all around us. We are part of the source of the universe and it is part of us.

In the second day of creation God separates the waters and the firmament. This brings to mind simple chemical changes as we boil water and it evaporates into a gaseous state. Hydrogen and oxygen are both present in the liquid and gas, but the bonds are broken while in the gaseous state. They are still interacting and attracted though because they easily become water once again when the circumstances are right. We must remember that we are also attracted to our source and are just waiting for the right circumstances to come back together.

When we realize how really connected we are, it is easy to be open to learn what that source is waiting to share with us. It has been calling all along, and when we surrender life will be congruent or in harmony with the this rule. We will find spending time in solitude is the key to actualizing this interdependence.

We cannot skip this step if we expect to find our voice and our creative thumbprint. We must be brave and embark on our own adventure. Even if that adventure is an hour or two weekly when we go in search of what the universe has to teach us. We get that feeling that we want to visit that old antique store a town away or we feel the desire to go fishing. There are so many possibilities. Our list of places to go will be unique to each of our needs. What’s calling us?  Let’s try something new. Let our courage remind us that this is not so much a leap, but footsteps into what only appears mysterious. Because what we once thought was mysterious will be recognizable as what we have always known.

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