Hello world!

At funerals, many people expect to have a sobering experience. That was not, however, the send off given last week at my Grandma Norene’s. My daughter commented that she didn’t expect so much laughter to be found at such an occasion, but that simply personified my grandmother’s life. She was a teacher to me in many ways. She taught me to love family. To be present for others. To give. To receive. Yet at her graveside I was struck by the overwhelming knowledge that she had passed a significant legacy down to me and many of her posterity through her love of creativity. She never considered herself an artist, yet she painted and painted many pictures. She gardened, she sewed, she crocheted. She was forever working on a project and happiest when doing so.

As I thought about her unique style, I realized that she had always marched to the beat of her own drum. Her grandchildren shared memories of her always speaking her mind. Never leaving her house without her lipstick on. Always quick to smile. And never at the loss for words. Some of her little sayings will stick with me forever. She was the most generous giver, but knew how to take time for herself. She used to say that she was going out “bug hunting,” which meant that she wanted to go alone. An artist/creative needs those times to reconnect with their core. She knew that. I hope to pass on that same legacy not only with my own children, but with other people in who may have lost their way as well.

4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. I loved your comments about your grandmother. They made me think of my grandmother. To quote Forest Gump, we were like peas and carrots. She died when I was 8, but even with those few short years she had showed me what unconditional love was. Her name was Florence, a very apt name for someone who brought so much joy to everyone. When I visited her, which was frequent, she looked like she would burst with joy; she danced the polka with me on her feet; just for the shear joy of being together. She wrote poems about her son and squeezed her friends with great big bear hugs. Grandma was joy. Like your grandmother she was filled with advice in the form of sayings like: “You gotta take time to feed your soul” or “never leave the house looking like Sam Hill.” It still makes me feel good just to think of her. Keep up the good work Michelle.

  2. I just know I would have loved your grandmother … and you reflect her gift to you in what you share here and in your Mused community. She HAS to be beaming. 🙂 This post invited many sweet and “interesting” memories of times spent with my Grandmother … Dolly as she called herself. It wasn’t until after she passed away that we found out her name was Sarah, that she had been married oh-so-briefly before my Grandfather … AND that she was older than him … that she played piano, read tea leaves … and was a flapper … hehehe … I remember her as a storyteller and loved to hear her weave her tales. She taught me to listen, to embroider, make doll clothes and draw, to embrace adventure … and SO much more! Love your blog, dear!!!!

    • It is so comforting to read some of the memories that people have of their grandmothers as well. I loved hearing about your Grandma Dolly. Grandmas really are wonderful teachers—I smiled ear-to-ear to read about all the great things that she taught you. Thank you so much for your thoughts. 😀

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